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Tourist Attractions of Isfahan

Isfahan is an ancient city in the center of Iran located about 340 km south of Tehran. Isfahan is the capital of Isfahan Province and the Persians call it "Nesf-e-Jahan", meaning "Half the World". In terms of population, Isfahan is Iran's third largest city after Tehran and Mashhad. Isfahan is located in a semi-desert region near the Zayandeh Rud River. Isfahan is considered as a popular tourist destination and a major cultural and economic center of Iran. The city enjoys a temperate climate and regular seasons.

  • Imam Square (Naqsh-e Jahan)
  • Imam Mosque
  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Friday (Al-Jum’a) Mosque
  • Ali Qapu
  • The Chehel Sutun (Forty Columns) Palace
  • Hasht Behesht Palace
  • Chahar Bagh School
  • Chahar Bagh Boulevard
  • Si-o-se Pol
  • Khaju Bridge (Shahi Bridge)
  • Shahrestan Bridge
  • Marnan Bridge
  • Pol-e-Joui or Choobi (Joui Bridge)
  • Vank Cathedral
  • Manar Jonban (the swinging minaret)
  • Atashgah (Fire Temple)
  • Old Qaisarieh Bazaar

Souvenirs & Handicrafts

Iranian souvenirs vary from food, drinks to clothing and artsy handicrafts Isfahan is famous for its delicate and beautiful handicrafts, the most popular of which are inlaid-work engravings, woodwork, filigree items, carpets and porcelain Miniatures. Isfahan is the most well-known city for its production of “Gaz” a traditional and delicious white toffee (containing almonds or pistachios). Traditional sweets such as “Gaz” are very delicious and well known throughout Iran.


Our guest house is located in a well accessible area.there are many ways to get here,but remember that the name of the bus stops are not written in latin alphabet ,only in persian letters.however,you can see and check the name of the bus stops in english via google map


Hasht Behesht Palace - 1.8km


Naqsh-e Jahan Square - 2.4km


Vank Cathedral - 2.7km


Si-o-se-Pol - 3.2km